Hi there.

First time poster with not a particularly difficult ask for help, at least I think so. After running through some systems for a Mad Max game and having found the d20 Redline and d20Modern Apocalypse books, I rapidly discovered I was being buried more in character classes and math than I was with chararcters, which is really the point of those movies, at least for me.

So after a bit of thought, I want to lift the Inspirations and Knacks from the lesser-known Adventure! White Wolf game, and fold it into just a more Mortal style of game system, where there's more focus on being able to do a bit of everything rather than limited ones as I was being presented.

Could anyone offer a layout to me with fonts? I have some images to use and the skills are fine from most Mortal/Modern-day versions of the game, I just don't have a layout and one for vehicles, though I have a base template I can supply.